The crisis isn't over. For many, it's only beginning. image

The crisis isn't over. For many, it's only beginning.

Your gift today helps smooth the path to post-pandemic recovery for our most vulnerable neighbors.

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The Coronavirus Crisis: A long path to recovery

Thanks to your partnership, we have helped so many of our neighbors weather the pandemic. Your support enabled us to help people like Jenny H. keep up with her rent until she was back at work full-time. We were able to assist Kevin G. with car repairs, so he could continue to work his food delivery job. And when Sheryl V. contracted COVID-19 and endured an extended hospital stay, we were able to help her husband and children with food and medical expenses. We could be there for them because you were there for us.

But despite the gradual reopening of our economy and society, our neighbors continue to face a long road out of this crisis, one filled with potholes, sinkholes, and uneven ground.

Many who lost their jobs have still not found new employment, as numerous businesses are not operating at full capacity, particularly in the food and service industry. They are stumbling along, doing their best to stay on their feet, and to stay healthy in the meantime.

Some of our neighbors face the risk of contracting the virus or of their loved ones testing positive for COVID-19. This carries long-term health implications in addition to economic hardship, especially for someone who does not paid sick leave benefits. They could be forced out of work for two weeks or longer. Even the loss of just one income could be enough to cause household instability.

Parents of school-age children face an uncertain future, as it seems likely children will not return to in-person schooling as normal this fall. They won't be able to work if their child needs to be home to engage in remote learning. They will be asked to spend money they do not have for high-speed internet in order to ensure their child doesn't fall behind, as many of the benefits extended to families during the pandemic are being phased out. If schools do open for in-person instruction, many of our neighbors will have no choice but to send their child and take the risk of them bringing the virus home.

But you can make the journey less rocky for them. You can help ensure that our most vulnerable populations won't be forgotten on this long path to recovery. By making a gift now, we can prepare for what comes next and continue to provide hope to those most in need.

Be assured that when you give to Seton Center, your gift is making a true and lasting difference in our community. You are bringing hope to the valley.

May God Bless You and Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe!

PS: Set up a recurring gift on a schedule convenient for you and help ensure hope for our neighbors all year long!